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In this section, we provide answers to the most common questions related to the world of investments and about Grove’s offerings.

The purposes of investment for individuals include:

i) Appreciation and profitability of capital
ii) Financial preparation for retirement
iii) Creating a fund for the college education of their children or grandchildren
iv) Protecting the economic well-being of their family with life insurance

Among the additional benefits obtained in addition to the investment purpose is learning about the stock market and financial concepts, reinvesting to take advantage of compound interest, and the appreciation of the value of stock assets over time. In some cases, financial and tax planning benefits can also be achieved.

There are several ways to participate in investment instruments for both small and large investors. In the markets, you can invest in stocks of companies, government and private bonds, options, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and futures contracts. The key is to ensure that the investor’s goals, profitability expectations, and risk profile are well-aligned with the chosen investment avenue.

The risk profile is individual and is defined through a person’s preference and tolerance for assuming losses or volatility, as well as the investment purpose, expected profitability, and estimated time horizon for fund usage. At Grove, we have financial advisors and tools to help determine your risk profile.

A registered financial advisor is a fiduciary and has the knowledge and experience to work alongside individuals in addressing their needs, thereby constructing a tailored financial plan. This promotes the achievement of personal goals, access to the best financial solutions, and, above all, validates the effectiveness of the plan over time.

It is the duty, legal obligation, and responsibility to act in the best interest of the client. Therefore, any recommendation and action prioritize the client first.

The investment advisor may be affiliated with various top-tier institutions, managing coordination for the client. This involves guiding each client through the necessary steps to create an investment account in their name with a securities brokerage institution, a “Broker Dealer” affiliated with Grove and compliant with U.S. securities regulations. Once the client has an investment account, the advisor constructs an investment portfolio primarily composed of stocks, ETFs, and bonds.

In the realm of investing for retirement, there are various options with advantages, limitations, and features related to the type of investments, taxes, and contribution methods. The assessment of which is more suitable will depend on the evaluation of the client’s specific preferences and circumstances.

Each type of plan has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on the client’s individual circumstances.

In the case of investment portfolios, there are no specific required timeframes for investments. The essence of the stock market is that it offers short-term liquidity, subject to price and market conditions. In other cases, the timeframes will depend on the product or type of structure and will need to be authorized by the client.

Grove only works with institutions that have financial strength and are regulated in the United States, providing access to three levels of protection:

i) Access to institutions with high creditworthiness and financial strength.

ii) Coverage in the account holder’s name by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) of the U.S. government, protecting investment accounts up to $500,000.

iii) Diversification and asset selection by the Grove team in the chosen investment account.

Through the Grove web portal or its affiliated institutions, clients have 24/7 access to their investments. Additionally, we uphold high standards of personalized assistance, available in our offices, via Zoom, or over the phone.

As our focus is on meeting the needs of our clients, we offer customized solutions. We have two customer service lines: VIP Solutions, dedicated to Latin American and U.S. clients with a sophisticated profile, and Premium Solutions, focused on clients who are starting or in the process of growing their investments.

Grove works with clients located in Latin America and the United States.

Grove charges a fee for its services in line with market practices and regulatory compliance. This fee is determined based on the account balance according to a predefined fee schedule.



Antonio Noriega / VP marketing

Antonio coordinates the marketing and customer appreciation strategy at Grove.

He has extensive experience of more than 35 years of business management in planning and development in different lines of business in the Chemical and Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Consulting industries, among others; in Venezuela and the Americas.

Antonio is a Chemist graduated from Kansas State University (United States), with courses in trading techniques and insurance products. He has specialized in the Circle of Wealth (Money Trax) personal finance platform.
He is licensed by Life & Annuities from the State of Florida.

Ignacio Sthory / Marketing VP for Latin America

Ignacio has a long experience in business development and structuring. He contributes to Grove with business development and alliances in Latin America.

Ignacio has been a business owner and entrepreneur in the dental, construction and financial services sectors. He has been a partner and sales director at Construcciones Servipro 531 C.A (Venezuela); Business Advisor at Winexco Securities (Panama) and Managing Partner of Redgrape Capital Fund (Panama).

He has a diploma in Trading and Investment from the Escuela Tecnología Financiera (Venezuela), completed a master’s degree from the Universidad Central (Venezuela) and a dental degree from the Universidad Santa María (Venezuela).

Alejandro Perez / Financial Advisor

Alejandro coordinates at Grove the follow-up, financial management of clients and prospects; having a focus on retirement.

Alejandro has a career of more than 15 years in journalism and financial análisis. He is editor of the financial blog He is an economic commentator on América TV (United States). He has been an analyst and commentator on Telemundo (United States) and ESPN Deportes (United States).

He has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Florida International University (United States); and Bachelor of Science and Pharmacy (Cuba). She also has different courses and executive certificates in Finance and financial planning.

He holds the Series 65 as Investment Advisor in the United States and a Life & Annuities license in the State of Florida. He is the author of the soccer book “Beyond 90 minutes.” He has contributed articles and interviews on personal finance related topics on social media and on social media. 

Edgar Nava / President and partner

Edgar has a long history of more than 30 years in the management of Banks and Investment Firms. Bringing to Grove extensive experience in investment strategies and portfolio management.

He has been Managing Partner of Winexco Securities (Panama); Director of the State Trust Bank (Saint Lucia); Partner-President of Única Corretaje de Valores (Venezuela); Partner and Executive Director of Grupo Activalores (Venezuela); President of Prosperar Entidad de Ahorro y Préstamo; Executive President of Activalores Mutual Fund and VP of Financial Institutions for Citibank Venezuela.

He holds Series 65 as Investment Advisor in the United States and Securities Broker in Venezuela. Edgar has a degree in Physics from the Simón Bolívar University (Venezuela), an MBA from ESCP Europe (France) and an Executive Diploma in Artificial Intelligence from the Emeritus Institute of Management (Singapore).

Antonio Noriega / VP de Mercadeo

Antonio coordina en Grove la estrategia de mercadeo y captación de nuevos clientes.

Posee una amplia experiencia de más de 35 años de gerencia empresarial en planificación y desarrollo en diferentes líneas de negocios en la industria Química y Petroquímica, Farmacéutica, Alimenticia y de Consultoría entre otras; en Venezuela y las Américas.

Antonio es Químico graduado en Kansas State University (Estados Unidos), con cursos en técnicas de trading y productos de seguro. Se ha especializado en la plataforma de finanzas personales Circle of Wealth (Money Trax).

Posee licencia de Life & Annuities del Estado de la Florida.

Ignacio Sthory / VP de Mercadeo para Latinoamérica

Ignacio ha sido dueño de negocios y emprendedor en el sector de la odontología, construcción y servicios financieros.

Ha sido socio y director de ventas en Construcciones Servipro 531 C.A (Venezuela); asesor de negocios en Winexco Securities (Panamá) y Socio-Director de Redgrape Capital Fund (Panamá).

Posee un diplomado en Trading e Inversión en la Escuela Tecnología Financiera (Venezuela), completó estudios de maestría en la Universidad Central (Venezuela) y título de odontólogo en la Universidad Santa María (Venezuela).

Alejandro Perez / Asesor Financiero

Alejandro coordina en Grove el seguimiento y gestión financieras de clientes y prospectos, teniendo un enfoque en los productos de retiro.

Alejandro cuenta con una carrera de más de 15 años en periodismo y análisis financiero. Es editor del blog financiero y comentador económico en América TV (Estados Unidos).

Ha sido analista y comentador en Telemundo (Estados Unidos) y ESPN deportes (Estados Unidos) .

Cuenta  con una Maestría en Periodismo de Florida International
University (Estados Unidos)  y Licenciatura en Ciencias y Farmacia
(Cuba). Además cuenta con diferentes cursos y certificados ejecutivos en finanzas y planificación

Posee la Series 65 como Asesor de Inversiones en Estados Unidos y licencia de Life & Annuities en el Estado de la Florida. Es autor del libro de fútbol “Más allá de los 90 minutos” . Ha contribuido en artículos y entrevistas en temas relacionados con finanzas personales en medios y redes sociales.

Edgar Nava / Presidente y Socio

Edgar posee una larga trayectoria de más de 30 años en la dirección de Bancos y Firmas de 
inversiónaportando en Grove una amplia experiencia en estrategias de inversión y manejo de 

Ha sido Socio-Director de Winexco Securities (Panamá); Director del State Trust Bank (Saint Lucia); Socio-Presidente de Única Corretaje de Valores (Venezuela); Socio y Director Ejecutivo del Grupo Activalores (Venezuela); Presidente de Prosperar Entidad de Ahorro y Préstamo; Presidente Ejecutivo de Activalores Fondo Mutuales y VP de Instituciones Financieras para Citibank Venezuela.

Posee la Series 65 como Asesor de Inversiones en Estados Unidos y Corredor de Títulos Valores en Venezuela. Edgar es Licenciado en Física, egresado de la Universidad Simón Bolívar (Venezuela), MBA en la ESCP Europe (Francia) y Diplomado Ejecutivo en Inteligencia Artificial del Emeritus Institute of Management.